The Best Wireless Routers For Your Home!

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Welcome to the site that is going to save you lots of time in the future. I know how you hate to wait ages for that one Youtube Video to load in HD quality because your wireless router isn’t up to date anymore and disconnects more often than you can reconnect. So you go get a cup of coffee, take a walk with your dog and come back to watch the first minute of the video… but at least in awesome quality.

That’s not necessary anymore because you finally found your way here. Gone are the days of endless browsing and searching. Take some time and see through all or at least some of those reviews for the best wireless routers out there. Maybe it’s one of those?

Various RoutersThat sounds pretty good? Well, to top it all off I’m going to be your guide for this visit. You can call me Richard if you want to. You really don’t have to call me anything at all – your decision.

But why should I know more about the best wireless router for your home than you? That’s a good question. I grew up with the Internet and gaming and I already used my fair share of wireless routers because once one is outdated you just don’t get the best experience out of a game or the Internet in general.

Of course I have not tried every single home router. Nearly everyone who makes a review and/or information site and claims he has used every single product on this page is a liar. Do you really believe some people bought 10 of the newest 1.500$ TVs so they can give you their opinion on every one of them? Yes, there are people who do those tests professionally but you can never know if they are biased or not. Most people are. I am too. That is why I want to give you overviews over current great routers that are based on many sources. It’s way better to summarize the experiences of many people than only my own, isn’t it?

Please also note that I will not go into great detail with most of the reviews (especially concerning hardware). The purpose of this site is to eliminate all the too-technical and too-advanced stuff from other reviews or product descriptions so that you can make your decision based on the facts that matter most to you. The product pages will cover all the important information but not anything beyond that.

The most important thing though: every environment is different. What works for me doesn’t have to work for you. You can read a thousand great reviews online and the purchased router still won’t live up to them. That’s precisely why I wanted to give you a more reliable overview over your options with this site. It doesn’t help you if I say it works for me. If it works well for many people the chance is just that much higher it will also work for you.

Let’s get this started together, shall we?

Just click on one of the pages above to browse. If you have a particular brand in mind you can probably find it there. If you just want to know which one is the best wireless router for you then go for Best Wireless Router. You don’t know how to get started? The Beginner’s Guide is your friend!

Okay, okay, I will keep the obvious stuff to myself next time.