Comparison Linksys AC3200 vs NETGEAR Nighthawk R8000

Ready for a second in-depth-comparison? Then you’ve come to the right place! If you’re interested in the Linksys AC3200 or the NETGEAR Nighthawk R8000 I’m sure that you’ve already read through both reviews. The simple overview table on those pages was probably a big disappointment because it shows exactly the same results for both wireless routers. Also this might seem like a waste of precious homepage-space it’s really not. I did it like this because it follows the same structure as every other review and gives you a simple overview. And without going into detail those routers are pretty similar.

So let’s have a closer look.

 Linksys AC3200
Linksys AC3200 (m)
NETGEAR Nighthawk AC3200 R8000
Nighthawk R8000 (m)
Setup Either connect all cables or use the software disc, both work fine. No problems either but I'm sure you expected that already.
Average sized router in black;
vertical position;
three external antennas on top of the router
Like its predecessor but even larger model in black;
horizontal position;
six external antennas
Software and featuresParental Control;
IPv6 support;
built-in-VPN server;
Guest Networking;
Prioritization feature (that's limited to 3 clients)
Parental Control;
IPv6 support;
Guest Networking;
built-in-VPN server;
NETGEAR genie for enhanced home network control
USB 2.0 ports11
USB 3.0 ports11
Maximum speed 2.4GHz600Mbps600Mbps
Maximum speed 5GHz2 x 1300Mbps2 x 1300Mbps
Connection stabilityThe 5 GHz band works good but users report massive issues with the 2.4 GHz band.
Many can fix those with firmware updates or by changing the settings, but there seems to be no solution for everyone.
Both frequencies work well for most users.
However, as soon as you change some of the settings to suit your needs it might happen that your 2.4GHz connection gets buggy.
This does not seem to happen for as many users as it does with the Linksys AC3200.
Connection reachQuickly drops in connection speed over greater distances.Awesome coverage though not quite as good as the R7000.

…what now?

Yes, both of these home routers have some issues but those concern mainly their backwards compatibility (=> the 2.4GHz band). Let me say it straight: I would only get one of those Tri-Band routers if I’d plan to set up a big network consisting only of 5GHz devices. The main point of two 5GHz bands is that you can assign different 5GHz devices two different bands so they don’t slow each other down. This means that you’ll waste your money if you want to use those two routers for a network with many 2.4GHz devices because they will not boost your overall speed, no matter how fast there maximum speed is.

With that out of the way I would recommend the NETGEAR Nighthawk R8000 over the Linksys AC3200. The former has better coverage/reach and does not have as many issues even though there are some. Still, right now there’s no better Tri-Band router available.