How to fix my connection

We’ve all been there. You just got your new wireless router but instead of taking you to high-speed-connection-wonderland you landed in restricted-connection-hell or at least ended up with a slower speed than before. What to do now? Well, let’s hope you still have some kind of access to the Internet otherwise I won’t be able to help you.

1.) Google is your best friend. Always.

I’m always surprised how many people don’t think about this solution. Just open and type in your issue. Simple. Let me give you an example: you have a problem with your new TP-LINK Archer C8.

If you just installed it I’d search for: “TP-LINK Archer C8 installation help” or “TP-LINK Archer C8 doesn’t connect to the Internet” or something along those lines. I always try to be as precise as possible at the beginning. If I don’t get results, I continue with another more general search query.

Your TP-LINK Archer C8 disconnects frequently or the speed drops extremely when you connect two devices or more after working for a couple of weeks/months? Go for exactly those things. Google

Most of the time you will find people who have/had the exact same problem as you and turned to a forum for help. If someone posted your question there you probably find an answer.

2.) Visit the manufacturer’s website.

Google didn’t find anything helpful? Maybe your home router is just to new or you have a very unique issue.

In our example you’d visit the TP-LINK homepage and look for a solution there. Maybe there’s even a help-page specifically for your router model with frequently asked questions or a support forum. If you can’t find any solution there at all just contact the support team with your problem.

Feel free to contact the support first and start searching for a fix afterwards. I prefer to google my problem first to save me and others the effort but that’s just me.

3.) Check your settings!

Chances are that if neither Google nor the manufacturer’s homepage have a solution for you that you may have made a mistake while installing your router or changing its settings.

What are routers?If it doesn’t work right from the start try to reset the whole home router and install it again. Nowadays this shouldn’t take too much time and might fix your problem. If it doesn’t double check the settings you understand/know a bit more of.

If the wireless router suddenly starts to have problems you should ask yourself if you’ve made any changes over the last days. That doesn’t only apply for the router but also for the devices you connect with it. Sometimes they have settings which allow them to claim more bandwidth than they should or they have some background programs that slow you down. Try to revert those changes and test it again. If it works you’ll have to find a different way to apply the changes you wish to make.

Hint: Google is your friend again.

4.) Post a thread in a forum.

This is probably the most time consuming method –  at least if you don’t have an account in related forums and don’t know where to post your question.

Honestly, I have had no need in the past to do this but without people who post their problems in forums I’d have to do it myself eventually. If there’s just no solution to your problem out there in the web then just ask people who know about stuff like this in a dedicated forum. Often times the people there are more helpful then the professional support and know all about the tricks and fixes.