NETGEAR N750 WNDR4300 Review


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You’re tired of all the hawks? Well, let’s try a different NETGEAR model.

Setup & Software

You won’t have trouble with the installation, trust me. Even though it’s not super easy like with some other routers it’s still far from complicated. Just run the setup software (NETGEAR Genie, if I remember correctly) and go through the steps. Those of you who don’t want to perform any advanced steps or would like to use their old setup can just connect the cables to get everything to work.

The wireless router also comes with a Live Parental Control feature that allows you to easily stop your offspring from viewing material that’s just not suited for them. There’s also a whole lot of other more advanced features I don’t want to waste your time with. You won’t need most of them for private usage and can always find a list on NETGEAR’s product page or Amazon. Just keep in mind that the NETGEAR N750 WNDR4300 is intuitive for beginners but also offers more advanced features like guest networking or a Repeater mode.

Hardware & Wireless Connection

If you looked at the NETGEAR Nighthawk routers before visiting this site you’ll notice the big difference in terms of design. Well, actually its mainly the lack of antennas and the vertical position that’s different making this wireless router look less like a starship. Could be a good or a bad thing, I suppose. Speaking of the vertical position: the NETGEAR N750 comes with a stand so that you can position it like it’s shown in the picture.

Additionally, you get your standard 4 LAN ports as well as 1 (!) USB 2.0 port which is 1 port less than most other home routers have. The 2.4GHz band reaches a maximum speed of 300 Mbps while the 5GHz band can achieve a theoretical speed of 450Mbps (for more details on what this means click here).

In my experience the NETGEAR N750 does achieve reliable and high speeds at close range even when you throw many devices at it. As soon as you need to cover more ground (not like your average apartment and more like your own house) the router has a harder time to keep up its good work. Especially the 2.4GHz band (that’s supposed to have a longer reach) disappoints at higher distances.

Please note that I will not include any kind of comparison between this router and most of the others reviewed on this site. This is mainly because the NETGEAR N750 is pretty old and not a “higher-end” product like most other newer routers. I include it here because I used it myself for about eight months and was pretty happy with it. Besides its still pretty high in demand because of the acceptable price and the great performance.


The NETGEAR N750 WNDR4300 has a great price/performance-ratio. For your everyday use (browsing forums, checking E-Mails and Social Networks) this wireless router is a good choice. If you want a reliable connection on greater distances and for more demanding tasks you’ll want to go with a different router.

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