Pick-a-router 2015

You should be aware of a couple of things before actually purchasing a new wireless router. I’ll cover the most important things on this page so you won’t need to search your way through the web which might take ages if you’re using an outdated router. And I suppose you do since you’re here. So save your time and read on!

What are you looking for?

This is probably the same question you have to ask yourself before buying anything. What do you even want? For wireless routers there are a lot of things to consider like:

  • How many devices will be connected (at the same time) to the network?
  • What am I doing online? Streaming, gaming or just surfing?
  • Which features do I need? Downloads while the computer is turned off? Parental control? Port forwarding?
  • How much am I willing to pay?
  • How does it look?

Do you really need eight antennas which are supposed to give you complete coverage in an apartment that’s twice as big as yours? And does it have to be the fastest wireless router available when you’re just reading the news or writing with friends online? Then you most likely won’t even notice that much of a difference between the fastest high-end router and most other newer routers. If you’re not buying some cheap imitation by DP-LINK, AZUS or NETYEAR that is.

So if I’m just surfing the cheapest router will be enough, right? Yeah, no, not so right. If you don’t mind some disconnects or a weak connection over greater distances then this logic might apply. It’s not all about a faster connection but also about one that is more stable and has a stronger signal over the whole apartment or house. If you’re sitting right next to your router, only use it for simple browsing and E-Mails and don’t mind the occasional disconnect then and only then is cheaper definitely better.

You should also keep in mind that your home router will probably be visible for guests as you won’t achieve the optimal coverage if you place it in a distant corner of your apartment or house. So are you fine with a heavy, big model or do you prefer something smaller and elegant?

“That doesn’t even matter I won’t be able to install it properly anyway…”

I honestly don’t believe that. Yeah, I’m just that Richard-guy that doesn’t know you and probably never will ( 🙁 ) but I don’t know anyone who can’t learn how to set your router up nowadays. The newer models all come with a simple plug and install-setup if you want to call it like that. I sure do.

So you just connect your router to your computer via LAN-cable and an installation wizard/software pops up that will guide you through the whole process. If you hesitated to buy a new router because you feared that you won’t be able to set it up correctly then stop thinking like that right now. Trust me it’s really easy.

What about your apartment or house?

Don’t worry, I don’t plan to break in anytime soon at all.

Think about your current living conditions in general. If your apartment is big and you own a lot of devices (from Smart TVs over Smartphones to not so smart tablets) you’re going to need a much more powerful home router than someone who live in one room and only connects his notebook to the Internet. This is especially true if you live with many people (or even children!) who’ll need/want access to the Internet at the same time as you do. You’ll find more details on this topic in the individual wireless router reviews.

Keep this in mind when you’re making your decision. Some wifi routers are very strong and reliable over short distances but fall off pretty soon while others may not seem as fast and stable at first even though they are.

“That’s great and all but I don’t understand half of the reviews.”

Well, of course I got you covered!

If you know nothing or not much about wireless routers you should check out the Beginner’s Guide first. You can see it as the very first step when looking for a new router. After reading the guide you should know about the basics and understand every review and the important features & terms.

You should be ready to choose now! Have a look around and see what suits you best!